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ATHENA office chair. A characteristic feature of the product is the innovative flexible backrest designed in the shape of the spine. The backrest follows us during work movements while allowing you to ventilate your back. The backrest is available in graphite and ivory. The armchair comes in two versions of mechanisms, self-weighing adjusting the weight of the person to the strength of the backrest and the other mechanism with manual adjustment. Two types of armrests allow you to tailor the client's requirements. We also have three types of cross bases to choose from, nylon version, powder coated in any color and polished aluminum. There is also height adjustment of the lumbar support.


Seat upholstered in fabric or leather. Poured foam glued to the seat liner, attached to the outer cover of the seat - density 55 kg / m3. Liner reinforced with a steel element. Adjustable seat depth with a button in the cover.


Backrest is made of very durable flexible and ventilated material. Very ergonomic, fitted and designed to the spine. He follows us during lateral movements. Very pleasant to the touch material gives a sense of comfort and elegance.


ATHENA mechanism is a self-weighing mechanism that adapts the backrest spring force to the user's weight. It also has a second mechanism as an alternative with full adjustment of the angle of the backrest and its strength. The adjustment is very quick by turning the adjustment wheel a small angle. The mechanism allows you to set the force of the backrest in a very wide weight range of the user. Both mechanisms are integrated with the sliding seat slide panel. Provides a lock of the backrest position in 5 positions by tilting the backrest by 20 degrees and the seat by 6 degrees.


There are two types of armrests at ATHENA. 2D armrests with up-down and width adjustment are standard. Optionally, we have a choice of 4D armrest with additional adjustment of the front-back overlay slider and side-to-side rotation. Both armrests are made of durable nylon with a soft TPU pad.


ATHENA bases are a choice of black nylon crosses in combination with a black shock absorber and bases made of cast aluminum made in polished (chrome shock absorber) and powder coated in any color from the sampler.



Backrest tilt within 0-20 degrees

Seat deviation in the range of 0-6 degrees

Slider seat extension in the range of 0-60 / 70/80 / 90mm (adjustable)

Seat height in the range of 0-110mm

Lumbar support heights 0-100mm

Armrests height 0-100mm

Armrests width 0-70mm

Front / rear armrest pad travel +/- 25mm (option 4D)

Armrest pad rotation +/- 30 degrees (option 4D)

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